Here is my son Derek and the wonderful staff of Central Texas Orthodontics who just surprised him at our home with a scholarship for free braces!

The two loves of my life, my daughter Nevaeh and my son Derek ready for candy, candy and more candy! Nevaeh is dressed as a Belly Dancer and D…

I captured this image walking into work at one of our KISD campuses while trying take a picture of the sunrise.  I think it was even more beau…

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Does Killeen have this ordinance? Where I live in my neighborhood I can hear chickens all the time. They are loud and still a few streets over, but not exactly sure where. I would hate to be the neighbor.

Am I missing something? I just see a vase and flowers...a little civil site. I do t see anything wrong with the picture. Condolences to the family and friends of the young lady.

My family and I attend every year! It's a tradition for us and we love it! I enjoy teaching my children about other cultures and they really enjoy the involvement during the performances. Thanks again Four Winds Intertribal Society. See you next year!