Lmao 🤣 love it

I like Allen West, just waiting to see who the libertarians are going to go with.

Gov Abbott vs West is going to be a hard choice for the republicans, I hope they pick wisely

Bless your heart.

Will not be voting for him. My household will never vote for another Texas democrat.

We vote republican and libertarian.

Even if a city council person runs for office and is backed by republicans and we know they are democrat we will not vote them, even if they claim to be ind…

So this means before she can run for mayor she has to step down from her council seat before she declares.

Also Texas election rules for city elections state clearly you can not announce your running untill the election has been called.

This also means she has a campaign Treas…

They r just stepping all over the constitution and religious freedoms.

I don't trust them, and I think I will not trust them every again.

Do nothing and sit there is what they think we will do. Not when they are going after the freedoms of others in hopes of getting the christ…

I would like to see that proof as well. I wasn't even swear this was to take place, nor swear of any public information or public hearing.

I want to know who starred the conversation, where city leaders talked about this publicly and much more.

I want to see the documents, min…


No one 🕜 n the pagan community was made swear that the city of Killeen was going to determine the date of one of our holidays, nor is it the right of any christian to demand another religion to change thier holiday to fit into thiers.

Halloween was and belongs to many oth…

The high school children learn these types of behaviors from thier parents and other adults in the area and what they learn on Facebook, tik tok and more.

Many of the adults in this area walk around bulling others in gas stations, the mall, parks and other public places. Heck some c…

Maybe they should watch the news. A judge just told that one city they can not mandate mask by calling it a dress code.

Get the shot wear a mask and leave people alone.