Do yourselves a favor; get more advertisers and stop asking for money from readers. Accurate news reporting shouldn't cost the readers who buy the products of your advertisers. A reader's ability to pay shouldn't prohibit them from reading what should be publicly available.

THIS is what we are spending tax payer money on? I'd like to thank all the voters who didn't vote on the last bond money grab. Great job.

OK. I think we have enough fast food joints. Now can we stop making HH look more and more like Kileen? How about lowering property and school taxes? Now I believe we could use that.

Tax and spend, Tax and spend. Same old story. Sorry, but the people being "shafted" are the ones who get no exemptions. Stop this exemptions business and find money elsewhere as the taxes are high enough already. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Got more detail than that, author? Perhaps motive?

Can we please keep in mind that nothing is actually "free"? I wish the ISD had the honesty to say "tax payer paid".

Was the previous debt from the last bond paid for before agreeing to this "new" one. I don't think so. So they are piling debt on top of debt. At the homeowner's expenses. Shameful. And shame on the voters who agreed with this bond. I wonder what percentage are homeowners.

Did the Killeen ISD finish paying for the previous Bond before passing this new one?! Such shameful waste.

"'I vote my heart,' she said. " - an example of how NOT to vote. Instead, vote for what is right for ALL, not how you FEEL.

I agree 100%. How many people have bothered to consider how angry and nihilistic we as a society have become?