Randy Johnson

Yeah with Cosper, there will be a Drinking Buddy for Morrison to hang out with..They are both Alcoholics!!!!

Fowler or Hornsby are my votes..

What's GM gonna do now? I sure bet his wife is getting tired of all his Affairs coming to surface...Whats next, and how long is the city going to let him stay as City Manager....SMH!!!!!!

Thats why its always been called Sh@# Creek. Kristina thinks that it runs into Belton Lake. She needs to look at a map instead of Narking out her fellow employees to her Boss!!!

Hey Victor...You think those Beer cans that are in the picture were bought with Glenn's credit card?

Randy Johnson commented on Killeen revamps its fleet services

So Ann Farris says whats in the past, is in the past. So I guess Glenn and his extramarital affairs are nixed. What about Anns affair with the former Deputy Manager Dave Hall? I guess that was in the past too..

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Marti, Marti, Marti...Why, Why, Why??? I didn't ever think that you would fall into the corruptness of which you have. Or have you always been part of it? Thought you were better than that!!!!!

Max, el residente, Victor and Brian...Ya'll have hit it on the nose again...Sounds like the …

I think this time I will keep my comments to myself. Unfreaking believable....!!!!!!

Lol, Max67...Im with you about you saying that the skunk is there.

I dont think chemicals will work in gettting rid of him either. Rumors are that he is already chemical dependent...

Randy Johnson commented on Killeen School

That is a beautiful picture! Inside the building is the most corrupt government in Central Texas...