My 1st comment about Jobs not over price apartments was Censored .

time for are Socialist hand out..... lines will be getting longer under the creepy Joe Biden watch and see comrades.

mask outside why???? why not face shields mask and rubber gloves to ...........overkill

hay fire bug sicko you are going to get caught hopefully before someone gets hurt.

Well for me the Ladies were very nice to me, and very quick and efficient not a bad experience at all and to the ladies there in HH polling area...... Thanks for the laugh

ringhunter100 commented on 3 dead in separate Killeen crashes

This Intersection is far better than a couple of years ago..... but the lights and the speed combined with bad stupid driving has resulted in a fewer fatals there but the one`s that are happening now are far! far! more severe there was a double fatal at same intersection under the same ex…

well it is time to sue the city of Killeen..... but be nice about it since they are nice at the bend over time for you all they only understand it when you take their money if not get used to it or as the city tells you when they give you your full bill SUCK IT UP tax payer.

Nothing here move on,

WAY TO LATE AND A WAST OF TIME! and money..........M-95 and less, will not protect you it is not a shield and this virus is so small that it makes Germs sick and those anti dust / anti splatter mask`s will DO NOTHING to save you so stop panicking Texas...This Virus is going nowhere its al…

when riding remember you have the cloak of Invisibility.