This principle was being nice in my book plus she is 100% right KISD is horrible.. and if it weee a Black principle and said We must be having soup today because there sure is a lot of cracker! Nothing would have been done. Clean up your act KISD

The principal is absolutely right KISD and even CCISD are all becoming one in the same the teachers are no longer safe to do their job in a safe manor, kids and bad parenting have become the ruler and the first to complain when the SHTF . Bring back discipline in our schools and hold pare…

I hope they arrest everyone of the idiots. Morons.

Not supposed to hear it in there homes? lol

Great work CCPD

Congratulations Gary your hard work and dedication has paid off.

It’s folks like these that have no clue about slavery and they only believe what they want to believe, every race on earth was a slave at some point (Yes Every) grow up.. oh can I get 3 White macadamia cookies ? I don’t find it offensive I find it delicious. GROW UP!

I sure wished Fort Hood could figure something else out, what is the purpose of these burns anyway it’s kills is folks with allergies

12% sure why not we got our 1%