Non ya, it's not hateful to comment on the fact that "City officials said Tuesday that 65 employees had resigned since May" and wonder if these two were part of "it" or did their jobs and just want out. Pray for our community.

"According to the proposed budget, $1.61 million is earmarked for the library before the cuts. Of the $1.6 million, $998,631 is related to salaries, another $289,867 is related to benefits and $162,712 is for books" Really? Almost 1M is for salaries and only $162K goes to books??…

I went to the free healthcare event today. Arrived at 7 am, waited until 9 am in the line for free dental care, when I switched to the line for free vision care. The dental line barely moved in those two hours. Then at 10 am, about 500+ people in the dental line were told dental services wer…

Don Farek said the City of Killeen didn't make any contributions to the memorial in money. All the money raised was either from donations from the public and from in-kind contributions.

Interesting read. Lots of data and information. I may even start eating some organic fruits now.

A cool story about some cool ladies. As a driver, I do share the road and hope other drivers who read this story look out for all motorcyclists, men and women. Great job Herald. Finally getting some good stories for a change.

Cool article. Really thorough with great photos.

tacomike2007 commented on ‘Legally Blonde’ coming to VLA

I'd like to see more variety, like serious drama shows. Not everyone likes musical shows based on mediocre movies. The fall musical is 9 to 5. Yuck - more of the same. Mix it up. It's boring.