3 little cowards


think the city needs to just man up and redo it. they don't want to admit fault in their people reading meter or some kind of surge to make the numbers move like that. i wouldn't pay it. it stupid

wow important stuff here

texastorenado3 commented on KISD board experiences flood zone deja vu

oh that bad KISD the sky is falling. oh my[unsure]

Just keep the water while you have it. I think having ample supply of water is more important than having parks and boat ramps open. Maybe need to rethink where these are at and adjust lake levels to what is needed. Next year they will be saying we are out of water.

ha ha can't wait till barry is out of office so others can clean up his mess. It should say shield up to 4 million ILLEGALs not immigrants. The ones that came in courtesy of Mexico. Why don't they just stay there in ole Mexico? Cause they don't want them

they gonna get you, you bad teachers