Very interested to see if anyone actually can help Kempner Water Supply Corporation recover from the damages Delores Atkinson caused throughout her 7 year tenure. It'll be a tough road ahead.

Allow me to clear up the confusion for Kempner Water Supply Corporation: "DISCLOSE ALL OF YOUR VIOLATIONS!!!!"

Do you really want people so easily confused by water quality regulations treating your water??

This article and Kempner Water's perversions of the truth couldn't be more misleading. Firstly, the samples are completely noncompliance and have nothing to do with their official TTHM & HAA5 running annual averages. Secondly, these byproducts develop over time and always increase with w…

Of course!! Their golden goose still has some dollars to be squeezed and pocketed before the light dims from its eyes, forever. Can't walk away from that, no matter how many people are at risk.

Great! Now Delores Atkinson can go back to blaming TCEQ for her terrible treatment plant... if she ever decides to pick up her phone, that is.

[thumbdown] Let's break down a little math: In the 1st Quarter of the year, Kempner's highest Haloacetic Acids results were 172 UG/L and Central Texas' highest (only) reading was a 7.8 UG/L, and KWSC is once again blaming having to blend with CTWSC!?! That was the same lie they told about t…

The water may be outrageously expensive, but the cancer is free!

Apparently, Kempner Water is best used to flush its members' money down the toilet. How could they possibly lose the opportunity to service Business Park? They were only going to do it for 19X the cost & 12X the time as Lampasas! No big whoop.

Kempner Water Supply Corp's members have a petition going to help ensure clean, clear, and healthy water by asking the board of directors to replace management:

"Don't mind the state's water test results, the violations, the dreadful color or palatability, the insurmountable evidence of forgery to our records, the overwhelming amount of kidney issues and cancer cases, the water is extraordinarily safe to drink!"