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Another political hack by the KDH . Make news were there isn’t any. This is between these two ladies is at all… not the newspaper. It’s evident who the paper is supporting for Mayor and just a way to ensure that they remain King Makers of local politics.

They buy paper by the truck …

Before we start spending based on this years $#, we might need to stop and analyze any increase in nightly room rates . If 7% of this year # =x what is increased nights vs increased cost

How in the world will change ever come unless we begin today.

I say put it to the voters in may for a $120 million road repair bond and also change the street standards away from always building to minimal standards.

If KISD can pass 1/2 billion $$$ bonds without descending vo…

Mr Schlueter and his firm have done an amazing job for our city since 2002 and long before .

His experience and area history allows him incredible insight into our city and it’s needs.

I think your reference to how many police officers we could hire is ludicrous. We have plent…

Council people come on this isn’t rocket science, you work for the people not the other way around. You were voted in not put on a throne. This isn’t your private thiefdom.

Real power is in the people.. straighten your acts up and allow all citizens an active role and participation.

Like so many of the ordinances that remind me of an really old person… no teeth.

Oh my let’s spank their hand. Better yet send them to time out.

You cannot legislate decorum and civility.

You ask people who can barely keep a checkbook straight to oversee $100 million bud…

Agree with “none”

I’m okay with not testing.

Still amazing how the flu has been wiped out I guess because no one has died of it since COVID-19.

You can’t have just regular pneumonia everyone now has Covid pneumonia.

Also with all the talk about delta variant just a…

Kdh should provide data to citizens about how many of these tested came back positive.. might help put areal microscope on just how big the problem is or is not. Instead you just push a flashy headline to push papers instead of real information..

👎 not everyone wants to be mandated to wear mask or get vaccinated. The laws of Texas are just that. This law doesn’t prohibit mask wearing by anyone. If you want you or your child to wear a mask then by all means do so. Just don’t heap your beliefs on me or my children.

I totally b…