Wayne Jefferson

Who needs a analyst when the direction is clear..to many thugs thinking they bad. Done

Yes absolutely..part of the new maxist plan. If they don't like it they silence you or call it disinformation. I encourage everyone to not move to this crime ridden overbearing run town. The leaders don't live here so their property tax is not affected..rules for them not for us

Yes absolutely..seems now the few rule the majority. Anyone in their right mind should leave this stupid town. Why do you all think the leaders live outside city limits. The superintendent should cut his salary too and let some hard working employees earn a living..

Something seems fishy. Sounds like the hotel got their money and left the others on the run around. Sadly most area motels are run by foreigners and they don't give a rats butt about us except our money..probably arson by the managers. Hotel us screwed up so burn it down and collect..crooks

Was wondering what weather concerns they might have. Not much rain in the forecast so is there something else..who knows

I agree 100 percent with the letter. The government is blurring the science to equate their narrative. Two of my children contracted covid and we're sick for two weeks and are now fine. They have immunities and should not have to be vaccinated.if the vaccines are safe why are many having …

By the actions of our so called president to flood the red states with third world voters is a clear sign to trash our constitution and our way of life and should be thrown out of office. He's a international disgrace.period

My thoughts exactly.you pretend your mask protects you and that's all. Besides fauci megele designed this virus. He should know all the phases and turn over all related data. I'll takey chances for God knows better. Is it my imagination or is faucis death toll rivaling Hitler's

Anyone that buys into this community is burdened by high taxation and endless restrictions.This area had the same crime as San Antonio..thug haven period..