Weaponized_Mogwai commented on Victim in fatal Heights accident named

20 years old... so sad. My condolences to his family.

Someone dies and all you can do is complain about traffic? You got to go home that night. They didn't. Have some respect for the dead.

Someone died and all you seem to care about is your car & fuel. People like you are what's wrong with the world right now. No sympathy. Just "Me. Me. Me. My inconvenience"! Shame on you Wayne Jefferson. This was no minor accident. A man was killed ny a car. Let that sink in.... Someon…

Which school? I'd like to know why this isn't public knowledge either. When did this happen?

C'mon...a riot‽ Ridiculousness! They're kids having a fight, perhaps a brawl even. The harshness of the description & the charges, makes me think the KISD officers & Killeen Police Department are bored and looking to take it out on some kids... Have they never seen a school fight …

Public School=Public Information.

Saw that video and it all seemed super petty & childish... What are the residents of Nolanville supposed to think now? You have a Police Chief playing Repo Man w/ equipment that belongs to the Volunteer Fire Department!! Totally unprofessional the way all of it has been done. They nee…


I think it's wonderful and about time. Names of places change all the time. I'm glad they're doing it. We shouldn't hold onto the names of bad people. History has too many wonderful & heroic people that deserve the honor more.

Love this! We need more places for artistic expression around here... Maybe the city can give some funds to supply paint every once in awhile for free use at the skatepark?