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Super wow!!! Scary

So all this posting are me Wildelina and Elvis fan.my history about the feelings i had for this oakhill home since before got sold .

I'm the same .Elvis fan just wasn't sure went thru.all this post is me.

That was my Dream home!!! Few years ago got sold.i went to the house of my Dreams!! Was the king home during army days!,I want it so bad!!! I went with a realtor of cloud realty at that time.well I was recently in the area and was army wife and no plans at the moment to buy a home.But when I…

Here I am!! The most biggest fan of Elvis in killeen!!! This was my dream home like more than 3 years ago.i went there when was for sale the first time during this years.took pictures inside and out.a realtor at the time was from cloud realty.i was crazy of happiness when was looking Elvis h…